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No Family should feel alone.
No Child should ever have to think, "Do I need to get sick to be important?"


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Stirring the Hearts of Nations

During that fire ~ when the chaos is almost unbearable ~ we desire certainty. Patrick's Everyday Warriors provides certainty in the midst of chaos.

Patrick's Everyday Warriors has found the missing piece ~
a need that isn't met ~ focusing on the siblings!
Providing year-round, age-appropriate events for siblings to
Fulfill the Dreams of Siblings Warriors!

In most cases, a miracle/blessing is on the other side.  And sometimes, the walking part is the blessing, if we willingly use our eyes, ears, and heart. There is a reason why you are here!

This journey, the people who supported us, have inspired us to create Patrick's Everyday Warriors. We will focus on families who are fighting the battle of childhood cancer. We will acknowledge the siblings as warriors as well. We will be providing support, resources, events, and family and sibling days.

thor wingsFour months can just be an acknowledgement of time.  Not quite half a year, more than a quarter.  Maybe just a short moment in your life.  Or four months, can make a difference.  Four months can impact your life.  Four months can change a lifetime.  It is up to you!

Patrick’s 4-month battle, fighting Medulablastoma (brain tumor), inspired a lifetime of warriors. Patrick's earthly fight may have ended, but his inspiration, his story, his warriorness continues through us.

That is why we want to keep on impacting … keep on sharing faith of warriors … love on sibling warriors … give mom warriors some pampering … give dad warriors strength … all through the eyes of a warrior.


Take a Bite The Latest Warrior News ...

Take a Bite by Bella ~

Take a Bite out of Pediatric Cancer!

Click Here to order cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and treats ~ for you in the Nashville area or to send to the hospital for the families Patrick's Everyday Warriors is supporting! All proceeds go directly to Patrick's Everyday Warriors!

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thor wings